Federíco moreno torroba (1897-1982)

Sonatina in a major (1924)

Guitar legend Andrés Segovia wrote in his autobiography:

"Then there was a 'first' in the field of the guitar: for the first time, a composer who was not a guitarist, wrote a piece for the guitar. It was Federico Moreno Torroba… In spite of his scant knowledge of the guitar's complex technique, he approached it accurately by sheer instinct and, to my joy, the work remained in the repertoire."

Federíco Moreno Torroba’s Sonatina in A, the first major work written by a non-guitarist composer, was premiered in Segovia’s legendary Paris debut recital in 1924.  This recital shook the Parisian music scene and propelled the guitar into the spotlight, attracting the notice of other prominent composers of the day.  The result was a flurry of compositions for the instrument, so long neglected by serious composers.

Sonatina in A (1924)

I - Allegretto

II - Andante

III - Allegro