Artists today find themselves in a unique predicament. The days of private patronage are long gone, national budgets are being funneled out of the arts and the music industry has reached a level of commercialization never before seen, with concerns of marketability and profit margins trumping questions of artistic integrity and content.  In the age of Youtube and Spotify, people expect free access to music and musicians once able to sustain themselves through CD sales have unwittingly surrendered that revenue to greedy media giants. 

Many artists are forced to compromise their ideals or are simply starved out of their vocation.  Many others still are not able to reach their potential due to lack of materials and resources. This leads to a depletion of culture and an impoverishment of our posterity.

Throughout history and across all cultures, art has flourished only through patronage.  A cursory glance at the Western tradition shows innumerable examples: Handel, Haydn, Beethoven and Wagner, just to name a few.  Where are the composers of such stature today?  Writing jingles to make a buck?

By supporting me, you are not only helping to allow me the privilege of devoting myself entirely to art, you are supporting the cultural sphere and allowing artistic creation to take place freely, unadulterated by economic concerns.  The great American poet Ezra Pound writes:

“If a patron buys from an artist who needs money, the patron then makes himself equal to the artist; he is building art into the world; he creates.”

My purpose as an artist is to create beauty and inspire contemplation amid the noise and chaos of the world - to expand our emotional and spiritual palette, countering the narrowing trends of popular media.  I spend all of my waking hours painstakingly perfecting my technique, expanding my repertoire, hunting for manuscripts, digging through books of history and philosophy, making transcriptions, rehearsing, recording, composing, writing… The list goes on!

I seek to humbly give back what I have received through performances, videos (including instructional and educational videos), and of course, passing my knowledge and skills on to the next generation as a teacher.  Along with my videos, I always include thoroughly researched historical information about the pieces being performed for the benefit of the community.  I would also like to devote more time to composition.  Today the conscientious artist simply must rely on the generosity of the informed public. Click below to become a patron of my music and make this happen.


I am not a charitable organization, so you cannot ‘donate’ to me as such but only give me a 'gift' or a 'donation of good will'.  The money collected through this means is used to help me to contribute freely to the sphere of art.  It is not a payment for a good or service. By clicking the donate button, you agree to these terms and conditions.  For commissions and bookings, contact me through the contact section of this page.